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JILI Games, free 100 php online slot in Philippines

Last Modified Mon Feb 20 2023
JILI Games, the popular online casino game in Philippines

The Popular Online Casino in Philippines

JILI Games has been one of the top slot game brands and attractive to players in the world since 2015. Until now, almost all Filipino players have played online slot games of JILI. JILI Games covers a wide range of online casinos including slot, fishing game, bingo and more innovative arcade games for real money. Notably, the JILI fishing game is on the cutting edge of online gambling games in the Asian market.

The JILI team is dedicated to developing high-quality mobile games and releasing innovative games continually. With advanced gaming development technology and a stable system, JILI online gambling games stay ahead of the competition. In particular, they built a member system to give more credits back to regular players.

Moreover, the most attractive promotion is that you can participate in their unique tournaments and cash out your wins instantly. During the tournaments, you will be ranked based on accumulated total win. More than 300 players will be rewarded credits or free games in each event. The bonus is applicable to online slots and fishing games!

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The Best Online Gambling Fishing Game

It is worth mentioning that the provider has developed the fishing games industry for 20 years, and they have become the leader of fishing gaming in the last few years. Their online fish shooting game is exciting and you can compete against players in the Philippines. Many Filipino players said that the sound effects and the images of JILI fishing games are of excellent quality.

What is the advantage of JILI fishing shooting games in the Philippines? First of all, JILI fishing games have a high internet volume. Secondly, these shooting games have the best game quality and abundant game offerings. JILI offers various fish features for players to choose and cater to their preferences by multifarious themes. Even some of the fish games have jackpot features that players may probably win bigger than normal ones.

In addition, JILI fishing games are simple to play. There are all kinds of weapons to choose from and special high-destructive weapons that can shoot the fish to death easily in seconds. Also, players can enjoy fish games with the very best in ease and accessibility and on any device from desktop, mobile, and tablet. Especially popular ones are Jackpot Fishing, Mega Fishing, and Bombing Fishing.

JILI fish games is the most popular game on the online casino in Philippines

All Kinds of JILI Games in the Philippines Casino

Recently, the JILI fishing game team developed a new type of fish game called Crazy Hunter. Filipino players can defeat the menacing waves of monsters and increase the wallet to inconceivable height. Moreover, another one is Boom Legend, which is special gameplay by shooting and pushing the monsters to drown. The JILI team continues to research player preference to optimize user experience and introduce the old and bring forth the new. Filipino players not only get a taste of winning big prizes but also feel fresh when they bet on an online casino. Thus, their eyes always widen at the sight of JILI's abundant gambling products.

Besides online slot games and fish games, there are various Bingos and other interesting arcade games in the Philippines casino. The JILI bingo games are simple to play. Players will be able to purchase many cards and get a higher chance to win an amazing reward. Also, purchasing additional balls is one of the classic features. There are more different bingo games waiting for you to experience. Another type of gambling products such as Crazy Pusher, Sic Bo are likewise supplied with high payout. To sum up, the classic gambling games you want to play will be found there.

Since JILI products are so popular and diverse. Where can you find a reliable and safe online casino site to play their games? The best online casino Peso888 offers a JILI Game hall for players in the Philippines to play the legal casino games.

Win more money on the popular online casino in Philippines

Unique Promotions System of Online Casino

Daily Missions

JILI casino games offer numerous customized missions for different betting players. After accomplishing the game mission of the day, you will receive the mission rewards. Generally, JILI slot games and fish games have more daily missions.

Item Card

Bonus cards offer players the free features and wins in their gambling games. The cards are graded from Level 1 to Level 5. The higher level, the more reward.


Players can obtain points for ranking through playing the online casino. With these points, the player has a chance to get the abundant reward. The ranking system applies to online slots and fishing games in the Philippines.


The promotions system of JILI casino offers various cashbacks ways to promote the casino game players’ motivations. Such as 5% daily rebates on your deposit.


The task is a special activity of JILI games. Players will be able to get several free gifts like item cards by signing in.

JILI Slot Is the Top Slot Game Brand and the Easiest Game to Play

Games Diversity

JILI online casino games are famous for their delicate premium quality, design concepts and innovative features. Notably, their casino software is designed to deliver the most exciting online casino experience such as best slots available in the Philippines. The top casino brand offers a wide selection of games, ever growing collection of slot games and other unparalleled games for casino players to choose from.

Mobile friendly

The best casino game brand, JILI slot, is committed to bringing the ultimate user experience to real money customers. In the Philippines, on average, over 50% online casino traffic comes from mobile devices. Players always play online slots any time and any place. Nowadays, mobile-friendliness is essential in online gambling games, in particular to slot games. As a trusted game developer, high-quality mobile games that feature one touch controls and HTML5 technology for compatibility are developed across multiple mobile devices and platforms.

Aesthetics and Styles

Game vision design of online casinos is intent to attract gamblers to try out these games at first sight. Thus, JILI games provide global players including the customers in the Philippines with state of the art games pleasure and delight. JILI slot brings to the users the best mobile slot games and fishing games with splendid storylines, and magnificent animation. In addition, their slots have sensational sound effects and great music that makes the online casino experience more enjoyable.

Odds Transparency

All of JILI slot games are licensed and audited independently to ensure that the product you play with cash is fair. Particularly, the random number generator used in game odds has been certified increasingly in many highly-regulated jurisdictions. Each game utilizes true random and pseudo-random algorithms to generate numbers, hence the popular slot games or other online casinos which JILI games launched in the Philippines legit casino sites are reliable.

Advantages About Playing JILI Slot and Fish Games in the Philippines

There several advantages about why you should choose JILI Slot and Fish Games to play:

All kinds of casino games can be selected with high payout rates.

Beginners can play the demo for free, including slots and fish shooting games.

The minimum bet value is lower and people with low capital can play.

Unique system that offers generous promotions helps you make money easily.

JILI casino games provide excellent gaming experiences and are mobile friendly for Filipinos.

Supported various platforms, such as windows, Android, Mac and HTML5

In addition, JILI slots and fish games are easy to play and easy to make money. It is exciting that the jackpot is often broken. Also, there is also a team that takes care of the players 24 hours a day to play games with many deposits. JILI games are very popular in the Philippines. Players can enter to play with a direct website, not through agents.

If you are finding a legit and safe online casino site to play the best slot game provider, JILI Games, we recommend you to play the website, Peso888 casino. Because you can claim 100 free credits as you start to become a member on the website. Enjoy your JILI Slot at Peso888.

Best Slot of JILI Slot Game

JILI slot games are known as one of the hottest slots in the Philippines casinos with high payout percentages and ultimate sound effects. In addition, their unique slot rules allow players to win a higher award and make them tear themselves away from JILI slot games. If you have no idea which one you should play first, try our recommended JILI slots below:

Play JILI Games Now

Super Ace Slot Game

One of hot JILI Slot, Super Aces is 5 reels and 4 rows with 1024 paylines with highest multiplier 1500X. The elimination type slot is hot in the Philippines. When super aces and golden cards match and are eliminated, they become wilds and multiply the elimination multiplier winnings! In the main game, 3 scatter symbols trigger 10 free spins. After activating the free game, the elimination multiplier bonus will be doubled. Pair with golden cards to win endless prizes.

When ace symbols are eliminated with at least combo 4 times in free games, the amazing elimination multiplier will bring a huge award, and players can withdraw lots of money. The more elimination appears and more money you can win. Obviously, that is the attractiveness of JILI Slot!

JILI Games wild feature slot game is popular
JILI Games all win multiple feature slot game is popular

Golden Empire Slot Game

The medium volatility JILI game, Golden Empire is a megaways slot with 32400 maximum payline. The Inca Empire is bursting with gold. Let the Chieftain guide you into the Temple of the Sun and discover the secret gold hoard. Moreover, the variable discs and gold frames become available wildcards for the thrill of continuous elimination and even more pleasant surprises! Then, free games stack unlimited multipliers.

This type of online casino is also popular with Filipinos. In comparison with other JILI Games, there are various features, such as golden wild and combo multipliers. The highest multiplier is 2000X, and combo winnings make an excellent and exciting gaming experience. Thus, this slot is very interesting and gives more chances to get a big win, and it is one of the JILI games you must have to play.

JILI Games wild feature slot game is popular
JILI Games all win multiple feature slot game is popular

Fortune Gems Slot Game

This is a minority of the JILI online casinos with lower volatility. Then, the highest multiplier is 375X, lower than others. The mysterious Garuda is the symbol of luck, which will bring you an unlimited amount of wealth. When Garuda appears on the whole reel face, you will win jackpot prizes. Although the bonus is smaller, that means you can win more frequently.

This slot with 3X3 reels and 5 lines has its own fans in the Philippines. Especially, the wild symbol in the game is not only replacing any symbol but also has the highest odds. Players can focus on matching wild symbols since that is the most critical opportunity to get the highest bonus. Due to the simple rules, this slot of JILI games is a simple slot for online casino beginners.

JILI Games Fortune Gems feature is special
JILI Games Fortune Gems 15x super win feature

Boxing King Slot Game

Punch the world! If you like boxing, you can select this JILI slot game with 5 reels and highest multiplier 2000X. The entire reels of WILD is continuously eliminated and for you, easy combo winnings for you. Moreover, there are two types of free games and can be awarded both free spin and bonus. Players can rack up combos for high multipliers in free games.

In addition, players can choose high or medium volatility to play, and the higher one means you can get a higher reward in one bet. Particularly, this slot has 88 payline and more than a great majority of online casino slots. To sum up, play the JILI best casino slot games and win your bonus anytime. Try this one for fun.

JILI Games wild feature slot game is popular
JILI Games all win multiple feature slot game is popular

Crazy 777 Slot Game

One of the classic slots in JILI games, and the rule is to match any 3 symbols to win the prize. Special reel brings a whole new experience to the game! Classic one-line game with the special reel effects, with many special winning point combinations waiting to be discovered. Higher multipliers for double the satisfaction!

Though Crazy 777 is a one line and simple game, the special reel has multiple effects. This is a unique online slot created by JILI Games inspired by classic slots. In the Philippines, some people say that the slot has the highest payout percentage, close to 99%, it may be one of the reasons which make this JILI slot become popular. Because of the passion for Filipinos, several series slot games based on Crazy 777 are published.

JILI Games crazy 777 slot game any 3 win feature
ILI Games crazy 777 slot game get high win reward

Best Fishing Game and Arcade of JILI Game

Best JILI games in the Philippines are not only JILI slots but also fishing games. Online fishing in JILI Games is the hottest online gambling game in the world. Because their payouts are high and easy to shoot the fish to die. Moreover, the perfect gaming performance and cutting edge graphics makes them look absolutely breathtaking. If you want to know more about JILI fish games, let us introduce you to the popular fishing games in the Philippines, as shown below.

JILI Games Crazy Seven is a classic one-line slot game, many special winning and combinations

Crazy Hunter

Instead of shooting fish, this JILI fish game is to blast towers and win prizes that are up to 2000X. Special tower defense gameplay, drop the monsters to win prize money. Moreover, special rules and multipliers increase your wealth to unimaginable heights. Come and become the richest Crazy Gunner. Then, the sequel of the fish game that will add more fun to everyone through attack selection.

The innovation of the Philippines JILI fish game, Crazy Hunter, has a special tower, golden piggy as a special feature. That will randomly occur during any shot when the golden piggy symbol appears, and players can destroy to receive huge prizes. In addition, the treasure box has a chance to win a key and enter the gold treasure hold where players are awarded 5 free rounds and can be awarded up to 10 extra free spins. After entering the golden treasure hold, players have chances to kill monsters to win a soul crystal and power up to 10 times multiplied by the total winning score.

JILI Games Crazy Seven is a classic one-line slot game, many special winning and combinations

Jackpot Fishing

High speed JILI fishing game has super prizes right in front of you. Wide range of fish species that come with their own prizes, targets, and lockdown to get rich quick. Furthermore, high odds species appear anytime and anywhere with random extra 5x multipliers after capture. Place the full bet to raise the max Jackpot and be ready to get rich overnight in the Philippines!

The main feature is to shoot fish to win a jackpot. There are many types of hunting to choose from, and there are various cute and colorful fishes. Especially, jackpot dragon is the target with the highest reward in this JILI game. The jackpot dragon does not appear frequently. As a result, you should take the chance to win a huge prize when the jackpot dragon appears on your screen.

JILI Games Crazy Seven is a classic one-line slot game, many special winning and combinations

Royal Fishing

Enjoy the world of Royal Fishing and capture all the fish in this ocean. This is one of the classic fishing games in JILI games. In Particular, there are over 30 kinds of fish for players to shoot, and a special attack mode. While you have accumulated a certain number of shots, they can summon the dragon wrath and cause a large-scale attack. Thus, you can win the grand prize at one time. This feature is popular with JILI fishing game play in the Philippines.

On the other hand, the awesome fishing game immortal ocean king is here to give you unending prizes. Beside the ocean king, there is a wheel feature which is up to 350 times and an awakening attack that rewards up to 300 times. Try out this JILI game, and great fortune comes at you in waves!

JILI Games Crazy Seven is a classic one-line slot game, many special winning and combinations

Mega Fishing

The Mega Octopus is a fantastic exquisite JILI game and brings the lucky golden wheel which can turn your wealth. There are 3 rooms which are the difference between the bonus odds. Then, you can choose the room to enter according to your amount. Mega Fishing has up to 27 kinds of undersea creatures and a variety of shooting options.

There are a lot of big bosses with high rewards. In Particular, the octopus boss has the highest reward. When you knock down the mega octopus boss, the wheel of fortune will appear and bring you a huge bonus. Also, there are various weapons for players to choose, the same as most JILI fishing games. Use these special weapons to attack the big boss, you have a high chance to get rewards.

JILI Games Crazy Seven is a classic one-line slot game, many special winning and combinations

All-star Fishing

Different from the past JILI fishing games in the Philippines, All-star Fishing provides a higher payout, up to 1200X. The popular bosses from each JILI fishing game gather here. Furthermore, various weapons for players to select, including Jellyfish Cannon that can paralyze fish and Hawk Grapple that can pull back bosses. A variety of gameplay such as roulette, slot game, and king of ocean interaction are all here in All-Star Fishing.

To bring better gaming experience , the images and sound effects in this JILI game are of good quality. Moreover, the betting range of each room is wider for Filipinos to choose, and the players with different bet values can enjoy more features in the JILI fishing game. If you have played Royal Fishing, Mega Fishing, and Jackpot Fishing, we really recommend you to try All-Star Fishing.

Popular Peso888 Promotions of JILI Slot and Fish Games

The most worthwhile for JILI slot players in Peso888 casino site is only with special promotions, and get free credits or free spins to increase capital all day long. Whether you are a regular member or new member, both can receive bonuses immediately, just apply for membership to play JILI slot games on Peso888 casino site.

For example, the bonuses and promotions are :

Register an account and get 100 PHP

New member deposit 50 PHP to get 400% bonus

Daily bonus deposit 200 to get 300 and deposit 500 to get 750

Playing JILI casino games in Peso888 casino is a tip with low investment and high profits. Undoubtedly, players always select only good promotions in order to win more money, and you can withdraw every credit. This casino site is legit and values the relationship of players. There are staff available to serve and answer all questions 24 hours a day. In addition, the deposit and withdrawal transactions are security, fast, and easy through a variety of channels selected for you.

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